Meet the Team

The Maker Foundation is comprised of team members who have dedicated themselves to the task of bootstrapping MakerDAO to fuel growth and drive the organization toward complete decentralization.

Business development
Rune Christensen
Steven Becker
President and COO
Wouter Kampmann
Head of Engineering
Jeremy Hollister
Head of People Success
Coulter Mulligan
Head of Marketing
Mike Porcaro
Head of Communications
Katie Ryan
Operations Manager
Mariano Conti
Head of Smart Contracts
Niklas Kunkel
Head of Backend Services
Lawrence Wang
JS Product Dev Team Lead
Torben Jorgensen
Head of Finance
Brian Avello
General Counsel
Jacek Czarnecki
Global Legal Counsel
Bartek Kiepuszewski
Head of Oasis
Soren Peter Nielsen
Head of Product
Henry Doe
Head of Design
Greg Diprisco
Head of Business Development
George Niculae
Tech Ops Lead
Nikolaj Lollike
Head of Integrations
Adrian Le Bas
Head of Developer Experience
Jennifer Senhaji
Business Development Associate
Nadia Alvarez
Business Development Associate - South America
Gustav Arentoft
Business Development Associate - Europe
Doo Wan Nam
Business Development Associate - Asia Pacific
Matthew Cooper
Account Manager
David Utrobin
Core Community Lead
Lenka Hudakova
Events Manager
Chao Pan
Community Lead - China
Mariano Di Pietrantonio
Community Lead - South America
Jocelyn Chang
Community Lead - Southeast Asia
Kathleen Chu
Community Lead - Japan
Maria Magenes
Community Lead - Europe
Nathan Jinwoo Kim
Community Lead - Korea